Setting up and successfully running advertising campaigns for Windows 10 apps


Redeeming a voucher

To redeem your voucher:

1.Login (or register) to AdDuplex Client Area at

2.Go to Buy ads -> Billing and press the Redeem voucher button in the top right corner.

3.Enter or paste a valid voucher code and click on Check.

4.If you want to proceed redeeming your voucher, click on Proceed.

5.Your voucher is now credited to your AdDuplex account!


Note: AdDuplex has recently moved to a bid-based pricing system. All vouchers with fixed impression value will be converted to equivalent pure dollar value. For any questions please contact


Creating a new campaign

To create a new campaign:

1.Go to Buy ads -> New campaign -> New network campaign.

2.Enter your campaign name and select your campaign and campaign ad type.

3.Click on Create to proceed.


Selecting a campaign type

In order to run a campaign, targeting Windows 10 devices:

  • Select Windows 10 as your campaign type and click on Create to proceed.
  • Later, in the campaign Targeting tab, select device families that you want to target (desktop or / and mobile).


Setting up a campaign

To prepare your campaign for launch make sure to:

  • In the Ads tab Create at least one ad:
    • Enter your ad name (internal use only).
    • Paste in your target Store URL.
    • Select your ad type (text or image) and finish creating your ad unit.
    • Click Save to finish.
  • In the Budget tab:
    • Set your daily budget to amount, you want to spend for your campaign, on a daily basis. 
    • Set your max bid (CPM) to max amount, you are willing to pay for every thousand ad impressions displayed. This value determines your campaign position in the ad rotation.
  • Make sure to Save all of your changes.
  • The campaigns are usually activated within a single business day.

Note: In case you want your campaign to start or finish on specific dates, make sure to set your campaign start / end dates in the main campaign dashboard.


Selecting campaign targeting

  • In the campaign Targeting tab, select which countries, device families and app categories you want to target.
  • Make sure to save your changes!

Tip! Experiment with different targeting mixes and stick with the best performing ones.

Creating successful ad copies

To create a successful ad copy:

  • Use short, catchy phrases.
  • Always use a call to action.
  • Include a Windows Store logo in your banner.
  • Test out different ad copies to find out what works best with your target audience.
  • Be creative!


Tracking campaign performance

To track your campaign performance:

  • Go to Buy ads -> My campaigns, select a campaign and go to All statistics.
  • You can switch between graph / list views and filter all your stats by date, location or ad copy.
  • Under the Budget tab you can track your daily ad spend and CPM rates.


For any additional questions, on how to successfully run campaigns for Windows 10 apps, please contact


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