Windows 10 XAML AdDuplex Interstitial Ad Installation and Usage


To add AdDuplex interstitial ads to your Windows 10 XAML project do the following:

  1. Install the SDK via the Visual Studio Gallery web page.
  2. From the Solution Explorer window, right click References…, and select Add New Reference…
  3. Click Windows Universal, and then Extensions. Select AdDuplex SDK for Windows 10 (XAML). Then click OK.

To start participating in the exchange:

  1. Register your Windows Phone app in AdDuplex system and write down your Ad unit ID and App key.
  2. Add the following line at the beginning of the OnLaunched method in the App.xaml.cs file


  1. Create an interstitial instance and show the ad

AdDuplex.InterstitialAd interstitialAd = new AdDuplex.InterstitialAd("YOUR_AD_UNIT_ID");

await interstitialAd.ShowAdAsync();

  1. In order to improve user experience you can pre-cache ads by calling

await interstitialAd.LoadAdAsync();

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