XNA Ad Library Installation and Usage

  1. Register your WP7 app in AdDuplex system and write down your AppId
  2. Download AdDuplex XNA Ad Library and extract it to a directory of your choice.
  3. Add a reference to AdDuplex.Xna.dll to your WP7 app.
  4. Add using AdDuplex.Xna; directive to your code
  5. Declare a field to hold an instance of AdDuplex AdManager class:
    AdManager adDuplex;
  6. Create an instance of AdManager and call it's LoadContent() method (generally in LoadContent() method of your game)
    adDuplex = new AdManager(this, "0" /* your Ad unit ID here */); 
  7. In your Update() method override call Update method of AdManager:
  8. In the end of your Draw() method override call Draw() method of AdManager:
    adDuplex.Draw(spriteBatch, adPosition);

See included SampleXnaApp for a sample application implementing AdDuplex library.

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