I've added your control to my app, published it and it is showing ads, but the statistics in the client area are not updated and the app is still in "pending activation" state. What's going on?


Normally we activate apps the next day after we start seeing ad impressions coming from them in our logs. If your app is not activated in 3 days after publication of the update with AdDuplex control in it, the most common reasons are these:

  • The AppId property on the ad control is set incorrectly (it should be a 4-6 number that you can see in the client area, not the Store ID you see in the Stores);
  • You have accidentally published the app with IsTest property set true on the ad control. You can verify this by checking your source code or if your app displays your own ads. You'll need to revert IsTest back to false and update the app in the Store;
  • The ad control is fully or partially covered by some other control (even if transparent). You can test for this by temporarily setting IsTest property to true and running the app. It will display a message box in a few seconds after showing the ad, if that's the case. Figure out what is covering the ad control and update the app to resolve the issue.
This blog post covers these issues in more detail.
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