Windows 8.1 WinJS Control Installation and Usage

  1. Install the Visual Studio Extension by searching for AdDuplex in the Visual Studio Gallery directly from within Visual Studio (Tools > Extensions and Updates > Online > Visual Studio Gallery) or just get it from the Gallery web page.
  2. From the Solution Explorer window, right click References, and select Add Reference…
  3. Click Windows, and then Extensions. Select AdDuplex SDK for Windows 8.1 (WinJS edition). Then click OK.
  4. Open the default.html file (or other html file as appropriate for your project).
  5. In the <head> section, after the project’s JavaScript references of default.css and default.js, add the reference to AdControl.js.

    <script src="/AdDuplex/js/AdControl.js"></script>

    Note: This line must be placed in the <head> section after the include of default.js; otherwise, you will encounter an error when you build your project.
  6. Modify the <body> section in the default.html file (or other html file as appropriate for your project) to include the following:
    	<div id="adDuplexAd" 
    		data-win-options="{appId: 'YOUR_AppId_HERE', size:'250x125'}" /> 
    Current version of AdDuplex for Windows 8 supports these ad sizes: 160x600, 250x125, 250x250, 292x60, 300x250, 500x130, 728x90.
  7. Make sure the whole AdControl is visible by verifying that it's not obstructed by any other objects on your page.
  8. You can preview your own exchange ad by setting isTest property to true.
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